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Companies which administer remote risk management or medical care services have found fresh opportunities due to the growth of South Texas market, influenced by the Eagle Ford Shale.

Certain companies are even getting involved in gas and oil industries around the Gulf region of Mexico, some parts of the USA and certain foreign nations.

Aspen Medical, a health care assistance provider based in San Antonia, USA, has extensive experience of remotely operating in many parts of the world. The provider is presently considering the market of South Texas, by pitching services to gas operators as well as oil operators. With special emphasis on reservation ambulances, the for-profit establishment has exchanged words with Texas and Oklahoma-based American Indians regarding health care boost.

Beverley Wright, the senior clinical adviser of the company, firmly believes that the company has the ability to provide healthcare anywhere in the world, emphasizing that their team always works according to client requirements and needs.

As far as Texas is concerned, Aspen has been attempting to enhance healthcare for Kickapoo tribe. For that matter, few officials of the company had talks with the City Council of Eagle Pass as well.

According to Wright, the company started considering South Texas as a market two years back. At the moment, the company has not attained gas or oil clients, yet, the area has been extensively studied, and different workers, mayors, hospitals as well as gas operators are being kept at close proximity.

Aspen, along with the company’s parent organization, is known to work with gas as well as oil operations in regions such as South America, South Asia and Australia. Mozambique health care delivery has been ensured too, as well as ambulances for some major parts of United Arab Emirates.

The former Aspen Medical vice president, Butch Poole, announced that the company strives to work in regions where others do not want to work, by finding and applying special solutions.

With overwhelmingly large influx in the gas and oil sector, South Texas healthcare providers are having a hard time filling the gaps. However, Aspen believes that it can ease burdens on many levels, especially for providers who need to deal with large productions and drillings. With transportation facilities like airplanes, helicopters as well as traditional ambulances, Aspen has experience in operating in hospital environments too.

Wright also believes that the company can be of tremendous assistance in elevating Cotulla’s health care scene, with its past expertise and enduring dedication.

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