Thursday , 26 April 2018


Shale Gas 101 | GCEP Symposium 2011

Mark Zoback discusses Shale Gas and how it fits into the energy industry while examining it in terms of sustainability and environmental effects. He is the Benjamin M. Page Professor of Geophysics at Stanford University and co-director of the Stanford Rock Physics and Borehole Geophysics industrial consortium. Read More »

Mountainous Terrains Threatening to Derail China’s Shale Gas Dreams

China’s hope of turning the findings of shale-gas reserves with its territory into the next revolution in the energy sector on a global basis is running the risk of running aground because of unseen challenges. The government planners in Beijing are finding it exceedingly difficult to meet the ambitious targets they had set for themselves because of factors beyond human ... Read More »

Our reform programme will build a better future for Mexico

Our goal is to play a more active role in the global economy. Mexico’s reform agenda is now complete. Eleven structural reforms were passed by congress over the past 20 months. This drive came about through collaboration with political parties, resulting in the Pact for Mexico, an unprecedented accord that allowed us to propose concise solutions to key national issues. Six reforms ... Read More »

Marcellus Shale gas production hits new high

Federal energy experts say Marcellus Shale natural gas production has hit an all-time high. The U.S. Energy Information Administration says that production from Pennsylvania and West Virginia totaled about 15 billion cubic feet per day in July. That’s more than seven times the 2010 production. “This record is the result of increasing crude oil production from the Williston Basin’s Bakken ... Read More »

Farmers to receive shale gas compensation in Coahuila

An agreement has been reached for the peasant farmers who don’t legally possess title to the land in Coahuila to receive benefits from exploration and production of shale gas on their property. “We now have a permanent agreement in place for farmers where shale gas reserves exist. Instead of expropriation, they will receive a monthly compensation,” said Ramón Verduzco González, ... Read More »

Lewis Energy optimistic on unconventional drilling in Mexico

The enormous potential for shale oil and shale gas in Mexico will attract significant private investment, in spite of elevated costs compared to other areas for exploration and production, said Carlos Garcia, International Business Development Manager for Lewis Energy. Lewis Energy is one of the largest producers in the Eagle Ford formation located in the south of Texas and maintains ... Read More »

Shale revolution offering multiple possibilities

One of the recent developments in industry, shale production and distribution created the reliable assumptions of a revolution today. Shale revolution, as it’s commonly named, was positively influenced by the combined effects of horizontal drilling, as well as hydraulic fracturing. Generally, the hydraulic fracturing is the image mentioned by people interested in shale production, being improperly associated with the entire ... Read More »

Texas presume de tener los 2 yacimientos más activos de Shale

El número de equipos de exploración para aceite y gas Shale en el sur de Texas, específicamente en la cuenca de Eagle Ford, se han incrementado a 218, según el reporte semanal de Baker Hughes, el gigante de servicios en yacimientos petrolíferos, ubicado en Houston. Texas –el estado con más equipos de perforación en activo- genero 2 más durante esta ... Read More »

Eagle Ford continues into Mexico: Mexico Hidrocarbon Comission

The Midrocarbon Comission published the following map for the Sabinas-Burro-Picachos-Burgos Basins that covers a prospective area of 43,000 km2. Pemex publishes the results from Emergente-1 and Habano-1 in the area. They prove that the Eagle Ford Play continues into Mexico.  The drill well Percutor has also proven the Eagle Ford Play presence in the Sabinas basin. Nomada-1 and Montanas-1 are ... Read More »

Pipeline construction map Mexico – CFE & Pemex

The Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) recently announced the construction of five new gas pipelines in Northern Mexico. These pipelines require a total estimataed investment of $2.5 billion dollars. Concessions were announced for private sector participation and investment. CFE’s objective is to be a competitive and integrated energy company. The first of the five pipelines is expected to run for 158 miles ... Read More »

Mexico, Colombia and Brazil energy reforms and oil production

The following chart highlights the positive impact in oil and gas production in Brazil and Colombia as a result of enacted energy reforms in each country. While Mexico on the other hand, shows a clear decline in oil and gas production over the last ten years. Mexico aims to increase production by implementing it historic energy reform that allows for ... Read More »